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Website updated 20 March 2013.

Some Thoughts on Gun Control

"For the Children..."

... "Evil." "Deadly." "Heinous." "Assault weapon." "Arsenal." "Cache." "Right-wing extremist." "Gun violence." "Sensible gun laws." "If it saves just one life..."

These are the words and catch phrases that gun control advocates will use after every newsworthy criminal act in which a firearm is used or even remotely involved. In an attempt to convince people that firearms should be regulated more heavily or even banned, they will use these words to tug on the heartstrings of the compassionate and to sway the ignorant. They will use these words with good intentions while indirectly endangering the lives of the law-abiding citizenry of this nation.

Our rights are being threatened by these people who feel that banning firearms would solve this nation's problem with crime and violence. These people feel that firearms are the root of all evil in this country, and they refuse to believe otherwise. They refuse to open their eyes to history. They refuse to acknowledge the true reason why the Second Amendment was included in Bill of Rights by our founding fathers. They refuse to acknowledge the fact that there are and always have been whacko, nut-job dictators in this world who prefer an unarmed populace. They're quick in their knee-jerk reactions without considering the ramifications that could occur should they get their wish.

Without the hard work and dedication of this nation's gun lobbies, it's hard to imagine where our country would be right now. I can only speculate that it would not be the idealistic fantasyland that the gun control lobby envisions.

Gun control in this country occurs bit-by-bit. The government isn't going to come knocking on our doors asking us to turn in our guns. It is unlikely that we will even see any total, nationwide gun bans in the U.S. in our lifetime. But think about our children and grandchildren. Will they be able to enjoy the shooting sports as we now do? Will our children and grandchildren have the opportunity to spend weekends with their children teaching them the pleasures of target shooting and hunting as our fathers and grandfathers did for us? More importantly, will our children and grandchildren be able to exercise their right to defend themselves from wrong-doers?


Pay attention, hunters: It is not just the dreaded "Assault Weapons" that they want banned. According to former President Clinton, there is no "sporting purpose" for semi-automatic firearms, period. If semi-autos are banned, say goodbye to the Browning BARs, the Ruger 10/22s, and the Remington 1100s that are so frequently found in the hunting fields. Think your bolt-action rifles are safe? Hardly. It's not difficult to envision an attack on so-called "high-powered sniper rifles." Adios Winchester M70, Remington 700, Savage Models 10, 11, and 12, Browning A-Bolt, and Ruger M77.


Let's not forget the so-called "Junk Guns" that have "flooded the market." Yes, there are some guns out there folks consider to be junk. No self-respecting gun snob would be caught with a Jennings or a Raven or a Hi-Point. But, realistically speaking, who are they to decide what's junk and what's not? The poor and the cheap have a right to defend themselves, too.

Believe it or not, many gun-control advocates are considering Glock's popular line of polymer-framed semi-automatic handguns as junk guns! Yes, they are trying to paint a gun which is in use by a huge percentage of our nation's law enforcement agencies as a junk gun...

If these gun-control advocates get their way, you might as well invest in a good compound bow for all of your hunting and a sling-shot for self defense. That is, unless these are banned somewhere down the line, too. (Study history, and you'll find it's been done before.)

Clearly, our battle is not limited to those who own handguns, "Junk Guns," or military style firearms. All gun owners are at risk of losing their rights. This includes hunters, sportsmen, and those who own firearms for purposes of self-defense. All gun owners must get involved in the fight for our rights. If the government gets away with banning one type of firearm, rest assured, other types will follow.

Amendment #2

Contrary to popular belief, the second article of the Bill of Rights was not written to guarantee the right to hunt. It was written in order to support our inalienable (ie: inherent, fundamental... God-given, for those who are religiously-inclined... in other words, not government-granted) right to self-defense not only from individuals, but from tyrannical governments. We must remember that our right to keep and bear arms is a necessary key to our freedom as United States citizens. Some may argue that the Second Amendment only applies to our government, but anyone who knows how to read and has actually read the Constitution and the Federalist Papers knows the truth. It was all written down in plain English.

Who Are We?

Let's rub out the silly Hollywood stereotype of the militant, white-supremacist, camo-wearing, right-wing, government-hating, paranoid gun owner that is so often being portrayed on television and in movies.

Who are we? By and large, we are normal, peace-loving, law-abiding, everyday people and come from all walks of life. We are doctors, lawyers, business people, police officers, teachers, and college students. We are black, white, yellow, and brown. We are straight, gay, lesbian, and transgendered. We are men and women who own guns for self-defense, hunting, target shooting, and collecting.

We own guns because it is our natural, inherent right as United States citizens, not some privilege tossed to us meager peasants by the powers-that-be.

And we refuse to be victims.

Get involved and help fight for our rights. Write your congressmen and representatives and tell them where you stand. Join the pro-gun lobbying groups on both the national and state levels. Get people involved. Help make a difference.

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."